Our Story

Old World Gems & Jewels

Martin Gem Collection is a privately owned collection of rare historic gemstones, minerals, vintage, and antique jewelry from across the globe. In addition we also, feature some handmade artisan jewelry. A portion of our “Old World Gems and Jewels Collection” was previously owned and mined by a renowned Doctor of Archeology, Gemology, Geology, and Paleontology. This collection spans both many decades and continents.  

Owners Kevin and Celestia Martin began working with the collection in 2013. Celestia Martin started her GIA Gemology studies in 2014 after taking several other Gemology and Geology courses. Celestia has extensively studied jewelry hallmarks both domestic and foreign for the purposes of identification and authenticity. She has taken many accredited courses on Gem and Jewelry Appraisal and is both nationally recognized and certified.  


In 2014 Kevin and Celestia started growing the collection with purchased gems and antique vintage jewelry most pieces having GIA reports. After owning a successful Amazon.com and Etsy.com store they decided to open their own website to showcase a portion of the collection and make it available for purchase to the public.   

In 2018 Martin Gem Collection added New Age Services such as Aura Cleansing, Custom Aromatherapy, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing for Pets and People, Guided Meditation Sessions, Distance Reiki Sessions for Pets and People, and Personalized Yoga Sessions. We are excited to offer these new services to our clients. We hold many certifications and licenses from many accredited and well known sources throughout the New Age Community.